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The Hydra Island camp was settled by the remaining survivors of Ajira Airways flight 316 including Caesar and Ilana. The plane crashed landed on the runway, and the passengers and crew evacuated the plane. The camp is located on a beach on the Hydra Island. The injured passengers, including Ben Linus, were moved to an infirmary inside the Hydra station.

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Flight 316 crashed landed almost directly on the runway built by the Others, and partially by Kate and Sawyer. ("La ballerina di vetro") The runway was seen by Frank and the co-pilot moments before their emergency landing. ("Namaste")

The camp was built not too far from the runway, and is located close enough to the actual Hydra station. Much like Oceanic flight 815's survivors camp, the camp was built close to the wreckage. ("Vita e morte di Jeremy Bentham")


  • The next morning, south of the camp, "John Locke" was found standing in the water.
  • The injured from the plane's landing were being kept in a makeshift infirmary inside the Hydra station.
  • The main camp area contains no tents, but a single fire source.
  • The crash survivors found three canoes on the beach. While it is unknown to whom they belong:
    • Frank and Sun took one and paddled to the main Island.
    • "Locke" and Ben took one and paddled to the main Island.
    • Frank Lapidus returned to Hydra in one.
    • Ilana and some of her party took one and paddeled to the Island with the large shipping crate that was later revealed to contain the body of John Locke.

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