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Ethan tells Claire that the Others are "good people"

Several characters talk of "good people" and "bad people" in Lost. It is not yet known what is meant by this (indeed, as many of the characters have killed or tried to kill at least one other person, on or off the island) or who qualifies as "good" or "bad" in their eyes, as on the show, "good" and "bad" are applied as relative terms.

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The following characters have been called good and/or bad by other characters. Only direct references are included below.

Buono/CattivoDetto da:
Ana-mAna LuciaBuona/CattivaLibby/Ben
Ben-mBenCattivo Juliet, Locke
Charlie-mCharlieBuonoCharlie, Desmond, Nadia
Claire-mClaireBuonaRichard Malkin, Ethan
Desmond-mDesmondBuono/CattivoPenelope/Charles Widmore
Eko-mEkoBuono/CattivoCharlotte Malkin/Yemi, Amina
Jack-mJackBuonoRose, Christian Shephard, Achara, Kate, Dan
Jin-mJinBuonoPoor man, Desmond
Juliet-mJulietBuonaJack, Sun
Kate-mKateBuona/CattivaLocke/Kate, Edward Mars, Dan
Locke-mLockeBuonoBen, Eddie Colburn
Sawyer-mSawyerBuono/CattivoSawyer, Pierre/Cassidy
Others-mGli AltriBuoni/CattiviEthan, Ben/Claire, Charlie
Jacob-mJacobBuonoBen, Mikhail

Details are listed below, sorted by episode.

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  • Hurley su con sua madre di Sayid: "Infatti lo è. Solo che ha questa doppia vita pazzesca in cui fa mosse da ninja e robe da spie. Ma è un bravo ragazzo." Carmen risponde: "A bravo ragazzo non uccide tre uomini. Un bavo ragazzo non uccide nessuno." ("La grande menzogna")
  • Pierre Chang to Jack about Sawyer: "Ah, yes. Good man, LaFleur." ("Namaste")


  • Magnus Hanso's first name is Latin for "Great".
  • The DeGroots: The surname DeGroot is derived from the Dutch for "The Great."

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  • Aaron was a great man, according to Eko. He is referring to the Biblical Aaron but in doing so may be implying that baby Aaron is also great. ("Il Salmo 23")
  • Tariq says of Hassan Jarrah, Sayid's father, "Sayid, you are a loyal soldier. The son of a great hero." ("Uno degli altri")
  • Ben refers to Him as "a great man" and a "brilliant man" but not a forgiving man. ("Due per la strada")
  • Eko tells Locke that "Yemi was a great man, a priest, a man of God." ("?")

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  • Hurley chiede a Locke, "E indovina a chi tocca a fare il cattivo?" riferito a se' stesso per il suo compito di razionalizzare il cibo. ("Tutti odiano Hugo")
  • Ben, pretending to be Henry Gale, pleads with Sayid: "You can't do this! I am not a bad person!" ("Dave")

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