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Anthony Cooper is a noted con artist, and the father of John Locke. Using the alias "Sawyer", Cooper's con game led to the murder-suicide of Mr. Ford and his wife, Mary. This event shaped James Ford into becoming a police officer. ("Ricognizione")

He was, as described by his son as a "great father", and after John received his flying licence, he took Cooper along as his first passenger. This first flight resulted in a horrendous crash that resulted in the paralysis of John Locke, and the cause for Cooper being in what can be described as a "vegetative state". ("Il candidato")

Years later, a photograph of Cooper and his son Locke was tacked to the wall of Locke's cubicle at the box company on the day that Randy Nations fired him. ("Il sostituto")

Chasing a lead that "Sawyer" was in Australia, Ford did not find Cooper, but finally learned his real name. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Ford began sorting through various Anthony Coopers who may have been present in Alabama in 1976. ("Ricognizione")

Tired of making wedding plans, Locke's fiancee Helen suggested that they bring Anthony and her parents and get married "shotgun-style" in Vegas. ("Il sostituto")


  • The photograph in Locke's cubicle is a promotional still from "Deus Ex Machina."

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  • Does John know of his con artist activities?