Alexandra Rousseau è una delle migliori e favorite studentesse di Ben e un membro del Club di Storia della scuola.

High SchoolModifica

One evening Alex stopped by the house of Dr. Benjamin Linus, a European history teacher at her school, after he failed to show up at the after-school History Club. She told him that she was hoping he could help her study for the AP History exam, and he offered to privately tutor her at the high school library the following morning.

At the library, Alex told Dr. Linus that she desperately wanted to get into Yale University, and he offered to write a letter of recommendation for her. Alex explained that she needed Principal Reynolds to write it because he was a Yale alumnus. She then shared a secret with Dr. Linus about the principal, asking him not to share it. Alex's secret was that she once heard the school nurse and the principal having sex on the school grounds.

Some time later, Alex encountered Dr. Linus and told him that the principal wrote her a glowing recommendation for Yale. The two of them both saw Principal Reynolds at that moment, and Alex thanked him for his letter. ("Dottor Linus")

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