"Aaron" is the proposed name by Claire Littleton for her unborn baby boy. Aaron was to be given up for adoption by Claire to Mr. and Mrs. Baskum in Los Angeles, before their marriage fell apart. Claire went into contractions shortly afterwards, although her labor was slowed down by Dr. Goodspeed.

Before Flight 815Modifica

Aaron was conceived somewhere around mid-January 2004. His mother, Claire, was native to Australia, and he was likely conceived there. Claire is the daughter of Christian Shephard, making him the nephew of Jack Shephard.

At some point during her pregnancy, Claire contacted Mr. and Mrs. Baskum, a married couple who expressed interest in adopting Aaron. She took photographs of herself, a plush whale, and other baby supplies with her when she decided to fly to America to meet the Baskums.

After Flight 815Modifica

After the flight, Claire was briefly held hostage by Kate Austen, released and then travelled with Kate to meet Lindsey Baskum. After Claire discovered that the Baskums would no longer be able to adopt Aaron, Claire began to undergo contractions, and was rushed by Kate to Angel of Mercy Hospital.

At the hospital, Claire was taken care of by Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, who informed her that they were willing to deliver the baby that night (September 22nd, 2004). After Claire decided to postpone the delivery, Aaron's heart monitor flat-lined, which after readjusting the ultrasound, was determined simply to be Aaron shifting his position. It was during this flat-line that Claire inexplicably asked "Is Aaron okay?" and later was unable to understand where she came up with the name Aaron. Claire was given drugs, and her labor was slowed to further delay Aaron's birth. ("Quello che fa Kate")

The date on the ultrasound printout actually shows 10-22-2004, Lindelof and Cuse have stated in a podcast that this was a prop error, the date is meant to be 09-22-2004.

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  • Where did the name "Aaron" come from?
  • Why was this Aaron conceived earlier than the other Aaron?
  • Who is Aaron's father?


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