You All Everybody est la meilleure chanson du groupe de Charlie, Drive Shaft.


Rock and roll, man

I walk around my town
Watch the people come and go
I watch them up and down
And I see what they don't know
They have given up on me
I can see it in their eyes
Well, I have given up on you
And I think you should realise

You all, everybody
You all, everybody
Acting like these stupid people
Wearing expensive clothes
You all everybody
You all, everybody

You all everybody

I know you see what I have been
And compare with what I am
But I don't care now what you've seen
I'm just doing what I can
You say you've given up on me
And you say it like I should care
Well I have given up on you
And no, I don't want to “share”


You all everybody

And will you get the message now?
When I cross my heart and shout it out damn loud?


You all everybody
Yeah, you all everybody

Publicité pour les couches ButtiesModifier

Article principal : couches Butties

You All Every Butties est une version de la chanson pour la promotion des couches Butties.


Hors de LOST, on peut aussi entendre la chanson dans l'épisode 4x02 de Alias.

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