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Personnages :   Paul Scheer · Ronie Midfew · Damon Lindelof · Carlton Cuse
Scott Aukerman · Alexandra Miller · E. Sau
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Entreprise : Ronie Midfew Arts
Évènement : Banana Split Sundaes · The Lost Underground Art Project

E. Sau est un employé de Ronie Midfew Arts, vêtu tout de noir, qui est venu voir Paul Scheer chez lui pour le convaincre de rencontrer Ronie Midfew. En partant, il lui a finalement laissé une carte de visite indiquant une date et un lieu de rendez-vous ainsi que son nom.

Cet homme est une référence apparente au frère de Jacob, surnommé par les fans l'« Homme en noir », d'une part, vis-à-vis de sa tenue vestimentaire, et « Esau », d'autre part, car il s'agit du nom du frère de Jacob dans la Bible. De plus, la discussion entre Paul et E. Sau est une parodie de celle qui a lieu en 1867, avant l'arrivée du Rocher Noir, entre Jacob et le Monstre, ce dernier apparaissant sous la forme de son frère. (Au bout du voyage (1/2) ; À la source)

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Voici l'article de Paul Scheer à propos de sa rencontre avec E. Sau, qui contient la transcription de leur discussion :

They came to my house!

I was feeling quite productive today as I got everything in order for the big Saturday event, so I decided to take a break and cook up some fish on my outdoor BBQ for lunch. Then he came. A man dressed all in black.

As he approached, I called out to him, “I assume you are here about the paintings.” He replied, “I am, why do you insist on making them?”

“You’ll have to ask the fans who buy them on Saturday.” I said with a smirk.

“I don’t have to ask, you were told to stop and you didn’t do it. What are you trying to prove?”

I went back to grilling up my fish and uttered, “That you are wrong.”

The man in black pulled out a business card and held it in his bony hand.

“It’s always the same with you Lost fans, you watch, you theorize, you blog, you paint, but it always ends the same, you want more.”

(There was a long pause.)

Then he affixed a steely gaze on me “Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?”

“What?! No. I didn’t think it was that bad…Really? Kill me?” I was shocked.

“Yes but I can’t find a loophole. Your friends, your blogger buddies, and the all the rest of the fans are supporting this dumb velvet painting idea. It’s impossible to stop you. So I come to you with an offer. I’d like you meet Ronie Midfew. He wants to talk to you. No recording devices of any kind. He wants you to know exactly what he thinks of you.”

The man in black dropped the business card on the ground and walked off. As he walked away, he exclaimed, “Always nice speaking to you Mr. Scheer.”

Not knowing the man’s name I shouted back “Always nice talking to you too.”

Then I grabbed the business card from the ground. on it was written.



Whoa! That was crazy. Mainly because it almost identically mirrored the first scene in last season’s finale but also because I’m going to meet my enemy Ronie Midfew tomorrow. I don’t know what he wants, but I wanna get to the bottom of this. Also if he wants me to hear what he thinks of me, I’m going to tell him what we think of him. Leave anything you wanna say to Ronie Midfew in the comments. I’ll make sure he gets the message.

On a side note, I’m excited to find out how you pronounce his name is it Ronny or Roany?

* BTW I had to blank out the address, because it doesn’t seem like Ronie wants any unnessary attention. I don’t want to blow this opportunity.


Après que Paul Scheer a conclu un partenariat avec Ronie Midfew, ce dernier a posté une message sur son site Web dans lequel il répond à la question de Paul : son prénom se prononce « Ro-knee ».

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