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Wow, great work, Avatar.. in just a few minutes!

There are still some minor things pending.

  • I noticed the sidebar can be edited. Could you give me a link to a page explaining how to do that, please?
  • The special page of the categories is empty. Maybe (I don't know) the rest of the special pages are empty, too.
  • In the Main Page (the Portada) there is the "Portada" name at the top of the page. We also had this in the old Lostpedia, but now, the ad gives a sensation of more space occupied. ¿Could you erase the "Portada" name at the top of the page, please? We have no access to do that.

Thanks for your help! ;)

   Calick    discusión    contribuciones    email  , 20 dic 2008

  • You should find most information about the Monaco sidebar customization on this page. If you need more info -> just ask. Don't forget to change MediaWiki:Sidebar too if you like changes also shown to users who have chosen the Monobook skin.
  • If I'm right, these data is calculated once a day and cached. If the special page is still empty in 24 hours, please ping me again.
  • I'll try to fix it.
If you have any further problems, feel free to contact me. --Avatar 19:02 20 dic 2008 (UTC)
Sorry. The mentioned help page is also available in spanish. --Avatar 00:18 21 dic 2008 (UTC)

Thank you, Avatar ;)
There's only two more things: The old URL doesn't redirect to, but to the old Main Page (and very slowly). This is a problem for all the people who keeps our old URL (though I warned some people to update it). As the English LP does, the old Spanish URL should redirect quickly to the new site.
Also, some hours ago I noticed that our ep and crossref templates were invisible (for example, {{ep|4x12}} and {{crossref|4x12}}), but now some of them are visible again. Does that mean that they all will eventually work fine?

   Calick    discusión    contribuciones    email  , 21 dic 2008

It's back[]

Hi, Avatar. I want to report another problem we have, apparently not solved.

In the Main Page (the Portada) of the Spanish Lostpedia there is the "Portada" name at the top of the page, AGAIN. I know you removed it but it mysteriously came back, and it gives sensation of more space occupied. ¿Could you erase it again and make sure it never comes back, please? I wonder why this happened :S --   Calick    discusión    contribuciones    email   17:46 17 ene 2009 (UTC)

No prob. The change was reverted by you accidentally during this change. I re-inserted it with this change a few seconds ago. --Avatar 07:17 18 ene 2009 (UTC)
Oops, so that was it. Playsonic2 did this when he created the forum. Anyway, thank you very much ;) --   Calick    discusión    contribuciones    email   14:56 18 ene 2009 (UTC)