"أشياء" تؤدي إلى هنا. من أجل الأشياء التي إستعملت لإختبار جون لوك الصغير, أنظر: أشياء ريتشارد.

عدد من الأشياء متعلقة بمختلف الشخصيات في لوست. في عدة حالات، الأشياء ترمز مجازيا أو رمزيا إلى سمات الشخصيات أو ماضيها

الرحلة 815Edit

القسم الأوسطEdit

بون و شانونEdit

المالك الصورة العنوان الظهور الرئيسي الوصف
Mini-Locke's drug
مخدر لوك "قلوب وعقول" عندما هاجم لوك بون, فرك له خليطا في جرحه ، مما جعله يهلوس.
Mini-Rousseau's maps
خرائط رورو "مهما يكن الأمر" بعد سرقة خرائط روسو ، سعى سعيد إلى مساعدة شانون لترجمة بعض النصوص الفرنسية.

تشارلي و كليرEdit

Diary "" After Claire was kidnapped, Charlie found her diary, and read it while she was away (including sections about himself).
Guitar "" Charlie's guitar is a symbol of his inspiration on the Island, and with Locke's help, he was able to find it after the crash.
Peanut butter "" When Claire refuses to move to the caves unless Charlie can somehow find peanut butter, Charlie presents her with an empty jar which they both "eat" some from.
Piano "" Given to Charlie as a child by his mother, the piano is a symbol of Charlie's past and his sense of family.
Plane mobile "" Present in the Staff station, the plane mobile played a song Claire remembered from her childhood. The planes were also Oceanic ones.
Voltron "" The Voltron toy was given to Charlie's brother, Liam, the same Christmas that Charlie received his piano.
Charlie's ring "" A family heirloom and a symbol of family, Charlie is given the ring by his brother Liam. He leaves it for Aaron when leaving for his underwater mission.
Charlie's list "" After realizing that he may die, Charlie writes down the five "greatest hit" moments of his life.


CD player "" Before it broke, Hurley listened to a number of different tracks on his CD player, also providing a non-diegetic soundtrack for some beach scenes.
DHARMA Ranch "" With an unnaturally long shelf-life, this dressing was one of the more notable items of food in the Swan. Hurley also stole a jar and kept it with his stash.
DHARMA van "" The DHARMA van was found by Hurley, who made it his mission to restore the vehicle.
Golf clubs "" Hurley found a set of golf clubs amongst the wreckage of Flight 815, and made a golf course on the Island to allow the survivors some fun.
Hurley's stash "" Hurley hid a number of items of food due to his addiction, but was able to in part overcome it with the help of Libby.


Halliburton case "" The Halliburton case belonged to the Marshal, but since it contained firearms, Jack took charge of the item and kept the key constantly around his neck.
Coffin "" After following a strange figure of his father, Jack found Christian's coffin, which he had checked at the airport, in the jungle.
Golden pass "" Jack is given a golden pass in the future by Oceanic Airlines as compensation.
Oxycodone "" In the future, Jack becomes addicted to this drug.
Newspaper clipping "" Jack has this newspaper clipping in the future; it details a man who has died.

Jin & SunEdit

Driver's license "" Sun secretly acquired a fake Californian driver's license to start a new life in America, but decided to bury it on the Island, an act that Michael accidentally witnessed.
Glass ballerina (item) "" The item belonged to Mr. Paik, and when Sun smashed it, she blamed it on the maid in order to protect herself from punishment.
Message bottle "" The bottle housed all the survivors' messages to their loved ones. After the raft was destroyed, it washed up on shore, signifying to the rest of camp that something must have gone wrong at sea for Michael, Sawyer, Jin and Walt.
Notebook "" In order to help Jin learn English, Sun wrote down in a notebook a list of common words and their Korean translation.
Panda "" Jin bought a stuffed panda for a Chinese ambassador's newborn baby.
Pregnancy test "" Sawyer gave Sun a home pregnancy test kit he'd salvaged from the wreckage, after she suspected she could be with child. The result was positive.
Rolex watch "" Mr. Paik ordered Jin to deliver Rolex watches to associates in Sydney and Los Angeles, hence why he and Sun were on Flight 815. On the Island, after Michael found the watch amongst the wreckage, a rivlary between he and Jin quickly emerged.
Wedding ring "" Sun lost her wedding ring when she buried the message bottle, but found it again with the help of Kate.


Mugshot "" When the Marshal regained consciousness, he showed Jack the image of the prisoner he was escorting: Kate.
Safe deposit box "" The Marshal put the item Kate wanted more than anything on a box vault. Kate staged a robbery simply to get inside the box.
Time capsule "" As children, Kate and Tom Brennan made a time capsule. Years later, they dug it up while Kate was briefly back in Iowa.
Toy airplane "" The item inside the safety deposit box and Halliburton case was a toy airplane, which belonged to Tom Brennan, the man Kate both loved and killed. The Marshal stated the toy was the only thing in the world Kate cared about.


Backgammon "", "" The game has become a recurring theme in the show, but its most notable reference is when Locke explains the rules to Walt.
Compass "" Locke brings with him to the Island at least two compasses. He gives one to Sayid, who believes it to be broken due to it deflecting from true magnetic North.
Crossword puzzle "" Locke can be seen working on a puzzle in the Swan, underneath which is an infamous easter egg concerning the story of Gilgamesh.
Knives "", "", "", "", "", "", "" Locke's weapon of choice. Introduced to knives through hunting.
Trebuchet "" Locke built a trebuchet in order to break the Hatch door. It failed and crumbled, however, wounding Locke's leg in the process.
Wheelchair "", "", "" Prior to arriving on the Island, Locke spent three years in a wheelchair after an horrific fall from eight storeys up.
Whistle "" After the crash, Locke carved a whistle out of wood and uses it to attract Vincent for Walt, who had been unable to find him.

Michael & WaltEdit

Rafts "" The first raft Michael built was burnt down by Walt, who was tired of moving around in life. The second raft's main appearance came when a group of the survivors cast off in search of rescue, but were ultimately met by the Others, who kidnapped Walt.
Comic book "" Hurley brought with him on Flight 815 a Spanish comic book. Walt was later seen reading the issue, notably on a page featuring a polar bear (which he would physically encounter later in the episode).
Michael's bomb "" Ben sent Michael this bomb to destroy the Kahana so it would not reach the Island. The bomb was a fake to test Michael.
Michael's passport "" Tom provided Michael with a fake passport for alias Kevin Johnson so he could work abourd the Kahana.

Nikki & PauloEdit

Diamonds "" Together with Paulo, Nikki killed the old man she had tricked into loving her, and stole the diamonds from his safe. On the Island, she worked hard to try to find Paulo's bag where they had been placed before the flight.
Matryoshka doll "" For safekeeping, the diamonds had been stashed inside a matryoshka doll of many layers. The doll arguably acted as a metaphor to the numerous layers of the plotline during the episode.
Exposé script "" Nikki appeared as a guest star in an episode of the Exposé TV series. She kept the script in her tent, where Charlie and Hurley found it when they were investigating Nikki and Paulo's mysterious 'death'.
Spider. Expose
Medusa spider "" An animal discovered by Dr. Arzt that would ultimately cause the deaths of Nikki and Paulo.


Dart "" On his way back to camp with Kate, Sawyer steps on a dart (possibly a piece from the Swan before it was destroyed).
Pacemaker "" To keep Sawyer passive, the Others con him into thinking they placed a pacemaker in his body, which could kill him.
Mr. Sawyer letter "" As a child, Sawyer wrote a letter to the man who had ruined his life and caused his parents' ultimate deaths. He swore to carry the letter with him until he found the true recipient.
Sawyer's stash "" After crashing on the Island, Sawyer hoarded anything possibly worth bargaining with in order to establish himself amongst the survivors. In "The Long Con", Jack stealing from his stash prompted Sawyer to hash a complicated plan of revenge out of sheer principle.


Nadia's photo "" A photo given to Sayid by Nadia with the inscription "You'll find me in the next life, if not in this one" on it, when they separated, after he released her from captivity.
Radio "" After being found in the Arrow, the radio was taken back to the main camp, and fell into the hands of Hurley, who in turn sought Sayid's help in fixing it. In doing so, Sayid seemed to come to terms more with the loss of Shannon.
DHARMA cabling map "" Whilst in the basement of the Flame, Sayid takes the map from one the DHARMA manuals stored there. It shows the cabling schematic for DHARMA's electrical and communictaions systems, as well as revealing the location of the Barracks.
Looking Glass map "" Presumably taken from one of the DHARMA manuals in the Flame's basement, the plans reveal the Looking Glass to be an underwater station anchored to the Island by a cable

Tail sectionEdit

Ana LuciaEdit

Henry's map "" While under the name of Henry Gale, Benjamin Linus gave Ana Lucia a map to a balloon, where he said they would find evidence to support his story.


Cross "" The cross was originally Eko's, which his brother took when he was a child. After finding his body on the Island, Eko once more gained the item.
Fake Passport "" A fake passport supplied by Caldwell to allow Eko to board Flight 815.
Prayer Stick "" Eko's stick which he carved Biblical inscriptions on. After his death, the item was key in advising Locke on which direction he must head in.
Virgin Mary statues "" The statues held heroin, and had been made years ago in Nigeria with Eko in charge. He found the plane that they had been loaded on in the jungle, as well as the body of his dead brother.


Elizabeth "" "The Elizabeth" belonged to Libby's late husband. After his death, Libby met Desmond, and gave the boat to him for his round the world race, believing it to be what her husband would have wanted.

The IslandEdit

DHARMA InitiativeEdit

Owner Picture Title Main Appearance Description
Apollo Candy bar "" The Apollo bar featured mainly in the Lost Experience, but has been seen a number of times on the Island as well (firstly in "Adrift").
Bible "" In the Arrow station, a Bible was found by the Tailies. Inside was a clipping of the Swan Orientation film.
C-4 "" At the Flame station, Locke discovered that the Initiative had rigged the entire compound with C-4 explosives, in case the location became compromised by the Hostiles.
Cable "" A device which purportedly anchors The Looking Glass station.
Canteens "" DHARMA canteens seem to be a standard issue item. It is mainly notable due to controversy surrounding the symbol on one which Ethan carried.
Fail-safe "" The fail-safe was a backup mechanism in the Swan which would terminate the electromagnetic buildup that pushing the button was meant to discharge.
Fish biscuit "" The Hydra cages, styled after a Skinner's box, distributed fish biscuits if subjects followed a number of specific actions.
Flame computer "" Inside the Flame station, Locke found the computer, which was originally used for communication with the outside world.
Food "" A number of food items were found in the Swan pantry, and were rationed and distributed between the Losties.
Glass Eye "" Inside the Arrow, the Tailies additionally found a glass eye, which fell out of a box as they opened it.
HAZMAT suit "" Kelvin used the suit as part of his deception to convince Desmond that the outside of the Swan was contaminated.
Hydra television "" While Jack is held prisoner, the Others allow him to watch television. Notably, Juliet secretly shows him a video of herself, during which she asks him to kill Ben.
Joshua Tree print "" A painting inside the Swan, the Joshua print was hinted by the writers to be somehow significant. However, no revelation was mentioned, and the Swan has since been destroyed.
Log printout "" In the Pearl station, Eko and Locke acquired logs. Desmond later realised that these were in relation to pushing the button at the Swan.
Pearl computer "" The Pearl computer printed out logs, and seemed to be in direct connection to the Swan (it had the Swan logos on it).
Pearl Orientation Film "" Eko found a video, where Candle/Wickmund explained the purpose of the station.
Playing cards "" When Sawyer wants his stash back, he engages in a game of poker against Jack using DHARMA playing cards.
Pneumatic tube "" As part of the Pearl procedure, participants were instructed to enter notebooks into the pneumatic tube, so that they could be transported to the main DHARMA staff. However, it is revealed that the tube goes to nowhere but an open field on the Island.
Radio "" As well as the Bible and glass eye, a radio was also found by the Tailies in the Arrow station.
Record player "" As well as many other items, a record player was inside the Swan station, and played a number of times by the Losties.
Road map "" Inside the DHARMA van, the Losties found a road map, which the van driver had obviously been on before crashing.
Speakers "" The Swan contained a number of speakers. They notably came to life before a Lockdown procedure was initiated.
Swan computer "" Used to enter the Numbers, the Swan computer was a key feature of the station. Michael also used the computer to communicate to someone he believed was Walt.
Swan Orientation Film "" After exploring the Swan station, Jack and Locke were shown the Orientation film by Desmond, which gave some background to the DHARMA Initiative.
U-matic "" The U-matic videocasette was used to play the Pearl videotape.
Vaccine "" As part of the supply drop, there was a case full of DHARMA vaccine. Ethan also gave Claire some kind of vaccine, and Desmond had a supply of the substance in the Swan.

The OthersEdit

Map "" When help capture by the Losties, Ben made them a map to the Henry Gale balloon.
Mikhail's document "" While in the Flame, it was noted that Mikhail had typed out a story.
Tape recorder "" Used as a means of communication between Juliet and Ben. Used by Sawyer as evidence that Juliet was sent to beach camp as a spy.
Walkie "" The Others owned a number of walkies with which to communicate to each other. In "I Do", the walkie was a pivotal item in saving Sawyer's life.
X-ray "" When helping the Others try to save Colleen's life, Jack saw a set of X-rays. He later learned that they were Ben's. They have also been owned by Juliet for a while.

Other inhabitantsEdit


Owner Picture Title Main Appearance Description
Desmond's photograph "" When meeting in London, Penny and Desmond decided to pose for a photograph. Desmond kept the picture with him for years.
Letters (Desmond) "" When he was released from prison, Desmond met Charles Widmore, who revealed that he had intercepted every letter the Scot had sent to Penelope.
Our Mutual Friend "" Desmond kept this book claiming that it would be the last thing he would read before he died.
Letters (Penelope) "" When near driven to suicide, Desmond discovered a hidden love letter in his copy of Our Mutual Friend from Penny.
Lightning rod "" During one of his "flashes", Desmond saw Charlie die from a lightning strike, and so built a conductor rod to save him.
MacCutcheon whisky "" The name of an expensive whisky, MacCutcheon was used by Charles Widmore in an analogy for why he will never accept Desmond in his family.
Satellite phone "" After a helicopter crash, Desmond, Hurley, Charlie and Jin find a bag containing this item. They also find a photo of Desmond, and a woman who speaks his name, linking the item to the character.


Mini-Rousseau's maps
Maps and notes "" When her crew crashed on the Island, Rousseau (possibly with her colleagues) attempted to map the Island. Her diagrams and drawings were taken by Sayid after he escaped her capture.
Music box "" A gift from her love, Robert, the music box offers as an interesting metaphor for Danielle's state of mind.
Traps "" During her time on the Island, Rousseau has become proficient in laying a number of different types of traps quickly and efficiently.


Picture Title Main Appearance Description
Arzt's map "" To help Nikki, Arzt planned a trajectory which the plane would have followed as it crashed. Using this helped Nikki find the bag with diamonds inside.
Balloon "" Crashed on the Island. Onboard was Henry Gale, and his identity was assumed by Ben to make the Losties think he was not "one of them".
Black rocks "" Around the Island are a number of black rocks, indicative of volcanic geological features.
Cigarettes "" Cigarettes are seen many times on Lost, notably when Paulo was trying to overcome his addiction.
Dolls "" Dolls are also seen on numerous occasions, notably when Kate saw one, causing she and Jack to be caught in one of Rousseau's traps.
Dynamite "" Dynamite was found at the Black Rock, and was used to blow up the Swan hatch door. The dynamite also led to Arzt's death.
Flight manifest "" Hurley gained the manifest to do a census of the people at beach camp, which resulted in the discovery that Ethan was not on the plane.
Drug smugglers' plane "" Found first by Boone and Locke, the smugglers' plane became a key mystery due to it originating half way around the world, yet managing to end up on the Island.
Keys "" A number of keys have been shown on the show, notably the key to the Halliburton case and the failsafe key in the Swan.
Manuscript "" The Bad Twin manuscript was read by Sawyer, before it was thrown into the fire by Jack in defiance.
Teddy bear "" The teddy bear became an iconic image of Season 2 when Jin crouched as a child walked by with the toy tied to him by string.
Transceiver "" After triangulating signal, Sayid attempted to contact help. However, he was stopped by Locke, who knocked him unconscious.
weapons "" Many firearms have been found on the Island, notably the guns in the Halliburton case and the guns in the Swan armory.
White tennis shoe "" A white tennis shoe was seen in the Pilot episode, and it was unknown to whom it belonged to.
Notebooks "" Notebooks used to track events in DHARMA Stations.
Body release form "" Jeremy Bentham's Body Release From.
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